Now Is The Time To Step Up California

Public and nonprofit service providers are unable to keep up with demands for assistance during good times. Our deteriorating economy and state budget cuts have resulted in a reduction of vital safety net services at a time when more and more people are struggling to make ends meet.  Step Up California calls upon all Californians to Step Up and help reduce poverty in our great state.

All Californians can take steps on behalf of the sick, dying, the disabled, working poor families, the unemployed, and those affected by hunger, homelessness, poor education, low wages, and lack of access to healthcare. 

Volunteers Needed

Join the Step Up California Coalition to Reduce Poverty

  Step 1: Pledge to Step Up

  Step 2: Join Us

  Step 4: Volunteer Your Time

  Step 5: Make a Donation

  Step 6: Educate


Together, we can reclaim our Golden State as a land of opportunity and compassion, with a renewed commitment to take care of those who need assistance in order to survive.

Welcome to our newest coalition member, United Ways of California!


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